Social engagement

Social engagement has been a long tradition for CORDIAL and is an integrated part of our corporate culture. CORDIAL sees it as part of their corporate mission to create real added value for its club members, guests and employees.

CORDIAL sees itself as a corporate citizen with innovative social engagement. In this area, too, CORDIAL places great value on cooperation because we’re convinced that partnerships between private businesses and humanitarian organisations or non-profit organisations can create sustainable added value for society.

CORDIAL’s social engagement includes the promotion of young people through the team sport of football. In 1997, the CORDIAL Hotel group founded the Cordial Cup, together with organiser Hans Grübler. This has since developed into one of the largest international youth football tournaments.

CORDIAL has also been working since 1996 in a strong partnership with the TwoWings humanitarian organisation. In accordance with the motto “enable a future through education”, CORDIAL and Two Wings commit themselves to supporting PR work for education-orientated development projects and to winning sponsors and donations for these.


The Cordial Cup is one of the best-attended youth tournaments for C, D and E junior teams (U15, U13, U11) today. It was established 17 years ago by Hans Grübler together with CORDIAL and has developed since then into one of the largest international youth football tournaments with well-known clubs from all over the world taking part every year.

FC Bayern Munich, 1. FC Nürnberg, Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC Berlin, Hamburger SV, Bayer Leverkusen, VfB Stuttgart, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Deportivo Cruz Azul, TSS Vancouver, FC Porto, Wanderers FC Johannesburg, Dynamo Kiev, Spartak Moscow, CSKA Moscow, Feyenoord Rotterdam, FC St. Gallen, Grasshoppers Zürich, FC Basel, Udinese Calcio, Juventus Turin, FC Sochaux, FC Fortaleza, Nagoya Grampus Eight, Austria Vienna, Rapid Vienna, Red Bull Salzburg and many more are some of the top teams in the last years.

The Cup always takes place around Pentecost in the Tyrolean Alps and has become both a sporting and economic focus point for the region. Since 2010, there has also been a CORDIAL Girls Cup, in which girls’ teams in the U15 age group compete against each other.

The encouragement of young people of sport is part of CORDIAL’s social responsibility. As a holiday club, we have the chance to invest in the physical and mental development of our youth. Organising active leisure activities and creating perspective for the future in doing so – this is our goal. We would like to express our thanks to all the sponsors and clubs as well as to the many volunteer assistants for their support. Dr. Faramarz Ettehadieh, Chairman.

To the CORDIAL Cup

"Es ist schon ein Höhepunkt der Saison, wenn man sich in dem Alter beim Cordial Cup mit Spitzenmannschaften aus Europa messen kann. Ich habe nur gute Erinnerungen!"
Tranquillo Barnetta
"Ich war selber zweimal beim Cordial Cup dabei und es war für mich persönlich eine tolle Sache sich mit anderen Klassespielern zu vergleichen und internationalen Fußball-Flair zu spüren"
Andreas Hölzl
"Der Cordial Cup ist ein interessanter Tummelplatz für Talente und eine tolle Sache, um begabte Spieler zu entdecken und zu fördern. Ich selbst bin gerne mit meinen Scouts dort."
Werner Kern
"Für mich war es prägend, dass wir damals gegen Nagoya aus Japan gespielt haben....Außerdem bin ich damals zum besten Spieler des Turniers gewählt worden. Das war schon eine tolle Sache."
David Alaba

Two Wings - Enable a Future Through Education

Humanity is like a family... but its resources are shared out unequally. More than a billion people have to live on less than a dollar a day; 70% of these are women. TwoWings was founded in Austria in 1996 as an independent network and supports sustainable development programmes and organisations worldwide. These projects have in common that the people being helped do not just become passive recipients of development support. Rather, the projects encourage people to take their lives into their own hands and to commit themselves to the advancement of their families, village groups and region, using their newly developed skills. These are projects that address both one’s heart and mind.

 The projects are open to people from all walks of life, independent of skin colour, religion or ethnicity. The TwoWings North-South-Advisory Board, which is composed of four members from each the northern and southern hemispheres, decides on the allocation of funds for projects. CORDIAL supports TwoWings in PR work, organises the TwoWings Golf Cup for the support of financially disadvantaged people and collects donations in CORDIAL hotels. "Enable a future through education is the motto" – You can help us too!

To TwoWings

"Many cynics say development-cooperation is like a drop on the hot stone. For me, personally, development work is always a drop into the ocean"
Sir Peter Ustinov
"TwoWings is a wonderful initiative."
Prof. Mohammad Yunus

"The TwoWings Award makes me very happy and inspires me in my work for Africa"
Jane Goodall
"I would like to make a contribution to peace, justice, love and health and therefore I support TwoWings."
Univ-Prof. Dr. Rotraud A. Perner
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